INM – Media Tools II

So this was the final project for Interactive Media Tools 2. It’s a brand + branding guide from a few options the professor gave. I went with the Red Rooster and here is the guide finished:



Artboard 2

INM101 Media Tools # Logo Vector

For this assignment I chose Philadelphia Eagles team logo to vectorize it. The first thing was to define the bigger shapes like the background ones, so it would be easier to add details instead of trying to make outlines, etc.

Blocking big shapes

And then start adding some more detailed shapes.

  1. Adding the darker shape and creating detailing into steps, figuring out how was the best way to do it and be more accurate with the picture / 2. Adding the lighter shapes / 3. How I chose to make some detailing on the eye, but after I was finished I realized I could have done it on a simpler way, I should have done a single block white and made the black details shapes with the darker gray. / 4.  Finally done!

I did the same process of the eagle to the letters “Eagles” but for Philadelphia I chose to do it differently. I chose to use shapes to construct a accurate and same size, height and weight shape letters, I began with the rectangle for the H legs, then the serifs and replicated on other letters that had the vertical line, for others like the D I used some oval shapes and afterwards to make the holes I used the Pathfinder.

Was a fun project, I guess the more challenging thing was to make the Philadelphia fonts accurate enough.


Design Principles I -#1 Project

The first project of Design Principles consisted in Visual Comparisons.

“Enhance awareness of the dynamics of form and counter form (opposite) within the photographs, the interaction between type & image and the flow of these elements from page to page.”

My theme was architecture and continuity through perspective lines.


The photographs were all taken from Google search 1 2 3 and do not belong to me in any way, was used merely for learning and school purposes.

INM101 – Redesign Project – TOKIDOKI

Well, for starters I chose tokidoki because their website feels outdated and too crowded and they probably show renovate it. It made me feel like they never redid the layout since I was a teenager – which was quite sometime ago.

I started with blocking how i thought the website should look like, I think it’s just like thumbnailing for illustrations.


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