INM – VFX – Characters

On this subject we were asked to have a ‘pun’ and then build characters for it for later animate it as the final project.

Here are the finished thumbnails of my project:


My ‘pun’/joke:

How to kill a vegetarian vampire

Two vampire are sitting down talking on a cafe about their lifes.

The skinnier turn to the other and ask: I know there’s no such thing as a vegetarian vampire but don’t you wonder if it had…

The other one burst in laughter: vegetarian vampire, can’t even imagine it. Is he afilliated to PETA?

A human on a bunny costume appears – the skinny vampire get him out of the scene.

The skinny one gets a frown on his face: continuing.. how would you kill it? The same way as they would us? With a stake?

The other one: Humm… I never thought about that… but maybe… maybe..

The skinny vampire: Yes?

The other vampire: with a STEAK? To the heart? – And burst in laughter again.

The skinny one gets mad and leaves while the other vampire tap dance and leave the cafe.

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