Design Principles I -#1 Project

The first project of Design Principles consisted in Visual Comparisons.

“Enhance awareness of the dynamics of form and counter form (opposite) within the photographs, the interaction between type & image and the flow of these elements from page to page.”

My theme was architecture and continuity through perspective lines.


The photographs were all taken from Google search 1 2 3 and do not belong to me in any way, was used merely for learning and school purposes.

INM101 – Redesign Project – TOKIDOKI

Well, for starters I chose tokidoki because their website feels outdated and too crowded and they probably show renovate it. It made me feel like they never redid the layout since I was a teenager – which was quite sometime ago.

I started with blocking how i thought the website should look like, I think it’s just like thumbnailing for illustrations.


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