Photography and graphic design – Bossa Nova booklet

This booklet was made with my friend Adrianne Paraiso who was graduating on Fashion. She styled it and thought of a theme and I photographed it and made the booklet. This booklet was presented as a part of her graduation exam on 2013.

Escape from Roshan Pit – DotA 2 inspired board game

The board game idea came up for a Contest held on Reddit/Dota2 on which the winners would won a ticket, plane tickets and other expenses covered for watching live the International event – the biggest event of Dota 2 held by Valve – we won it (yay!). All the images and content of heroes, potions, itens are Valve’s copyright since they are part o the game, the composition and other imagery were made by me to become a board game.

This is not or sale nor is intended to be and I do not own any Dota 2 trademarks.


Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards themed on water folktales from Maranhão, made for the discipline of Visual Methodoly of Federal University of Maranhão in 2011. As the theme was based on water folktale’s, the typography is based on the boats fonts (of my hometown) as well as the whole identity.