INM – VFX – Characters

On this subject we were asked to have a ‘pun’ and then build characters for it for later animate it as the final project.

Here are the finished thumbnails of my project:


My ‘pun’/joke:

How to kill a vegetarian vampire

Two vampire are sitting down talking on a cafe about their lifes.

The skinnier turn to the other and ask: I know there’s no such thing as a vegetarian vampire but don’t you wonder if it had…

The other one burst in laughter: vegetarian vampire, can’t even imagine it. Is he afilliated to PETA?

A human on a bunny costume appears – the skinny vampire get him out of the scene.

The skinny one gets a frown on his face: continuing.. how would you kill it? The same way as they would us? With a stake?

The other one: Humm… I never thought about that… but maybe… maybe..

The skinny vampire: Yes?

The other vampire: with a STEAK? To the heart? – And burst in laughter again.

The skinny one gets mad and leaves while the other vampire tap dance and leave the cafe.

Design Principles 2 – Booklet ‘Cangaço Collection’

For the final project of Design Principles 2 we were asked to design a booklet on any artist or designer. My choice was the Campana Brothers hence they are very controversial even in Brazil, I chose this special project of them because it also connects to my Brazilian roots that are northeastern from where they took their inspiration.

Bonus their own video on the collection:

History of Photography

We were asked to recreate a famous painting as a photography. My choice was Lute Player by Caravaggio.

“Both paintings depict two lute players, young person seated wearing a loose white blouse with his hands on the instrument as if he was playing and singing at the same time, the sentiment is passed through the parted lips and how the hands are positioned. An open book with partitures can be seen on the table eluding even more the performance he was in. In one of the paintings, the one on the Hermitage Museum can be seen four madrigals by Jacques Arcadelt which talk about love and undying devotion. For instance, the cracked lute depicted on the painting was a metaphor for the love that fails, the flower on the picture express an affirmation that love is transient. The painting also evoke the feeling of the private concerts held by Del Monte in the Palazzo Madama. Del Monte was at the center of musical life in Rome. (CARAVAGGIO REDISCOVERED)”

I decided to stick with the overall feeling of the painting and the contrast, a private performance of a young  person singing about love, but, I decided to give a modern twist to it, instead of a young boy, a young girl playing her acoustic guitar singing about love, to represent the distress of the heart I went with cigarettes and alcohol which are the most common substances young people rely when they want to forget the distress about their life in general and the cellphone waiting for a reply of a love interest. The partitures I substituted by technology, an iPad with the lyrics and a computer with the partiture for the acoustic guitar.



Thanks to my beautiful model and friend Keitha. 🙂

INM101 Media Tools # Logo Vector

For this assignment I chose Philadelphia Eagles team logo to vectorize it. The first thing was to define the bigger shapes like the background ones, so it would be easier to add details instead of trying to make outlines, etc.

Blocking big shapes

And then start adding some more detailed shapes.

  1. Adding the darker shape and creating detailing into steps, figuring out how was the best way to do it and be more accurate with the picture / 2. Adding the lighter shapes / 3. How I chose to make some detailing on the eye, but after I was finished I realized I could have done it on a simpler way, I should have done a single block white and made the black details shapes with the darker gray. / 4.  Finally done!

I did the same process of the eagle to the letters “Eagles” but for Philadelphia I chose to do it differently. I chose to use shapes to construct a accurate and same size, height and weight shape letters, I began with the rectangle for the H legs, then the serifs and replicated on other letters that had the vertical line, for others like the D I used some oval shapes and afterwards to make the holes I used the Pathfinder.

Was a fun project, I guess the more challenging thing was to make the Philadelphia fonts accurate enough.